Saturday, March 21, 2009

Expos Exposé

Here's a look at some Expos...

These are the other Wallace Johnson cards that I have. Two more helmet heads.

What is it in Stade Olympique that these batters were looking at?

Why is the umpire dancing with Hubie?  Or as my wife just said as she walked by, "Hold me closer, tiny dancer."

And why does Hubie have seven fingers?

Card info, in order:
1990 Fleer Wallace Johnson (card # 351)
1990 Donruss Wallace Johnson (card # 570)
1990 Topps Wallace Johnson (card # 318)
1987 Topps Tim Raines (card # 30)
1987 Topps Hubie Brooks (card # 650)
1987 Topps  Al Newman (card # 323)
1990 Upper Deck Hubie Brooks (card # 197)

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