Friday, March 13, 2009

Combating March Madness

One word. Scones.

My wife made some wonderful chocolate chip scones. After I paid some bills online I watched UT handily defeat Alabama in the first round of the SEC Tournament while eating a still warm scone with a tall glass of cold milk.

I know that March Madness isn't truly yet upon us, but it was good to see the Vols win another one. I'll watch some of the Big Tournament and I'll fill out my bracket. I'm much more a fan of college basketball than I am of the NBA. Sure, I'll gladly watch LeBron James on the Sports Center highlights, but I can't stomach a full game.

To honor the student athletes in March, I present three of Kellogg's 1992 College Basketball Greats.  These are cards numbered 1, 4 and 14 of the 18 card set.  These slightly oversized cards came in some breakfast cereal.  You can pick up the whole set on ebay for about $6.00.  Individual cards sell for about a dollar.

Happy bracket filling.

1 comment:

  1. So, to get us through March Madness, I propose:

    Blueberry scones (1st round)
    Cherry scones (2nd round)
    Pecan Oatmeal Scones (3rd round)

    And, since I don't know how many rounds there are, I'll stop proposing scone suggestions. But, I'm always scoping for recipes!

    Love you....