Monday, January 26, 2009


In rediscovering my interest in baseball cards, I realized that I need to focus on my collecting, not just grabbing what's hot or what's on sale.

So, I'll be writing a list of what I have and why I should or shouldn't keep it.

And then a list of what I want, perhaps why I want it. This will help me focus.

What I have (and want to keep)...
* Orel Hershiser card collection. About 200 of them
* A few miscellaneous Game Used and Autographed cards
* A few nearly completed Topps sets from the late 1980s
* A T205 'Gabby Street' card
* A few early 1990's Fleer Basketball sets (missing a few cards)
* A small Kevin McHale collection. About 20 cards or so. He's my wife's favorite basketball player.

What I have (and should ditch)...
* Misc baseball semi sets from the late 1980s
* A mess of 1980 Topps commons
* Misc football cards
* Misc basketball cards

What I want...
* Cards that are meaningful to me (yeah, that's vague)
* Game Used and Autographed cards
* Hall of Fame players
* A T206 card
* A pre-1900 card

So, that's the first round of my focus. As I go through my boxes of stuff, I'm sure I'll add to these lists.

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  1. There's nothing quite as liberating as really setting your focus for your collection. I recently went through the same thing, which was part of the reason I started my blog and it has really helped me enjoy collecting more. Keep it up!